It's not what you say, it's how you say it!

Learn how to communicate effectively - Understand and be understood.

Workshop Overview

I visit your company before the workshop sessions commence, to do an assessment which enables me to tailor the workshop to suit your company specifically. The assessment is done free of charge.

The workshop is most effective when done during work hours at the employees’ mutual place of work. The number of sessions and session durations are largely determined by your company’s specific requirements, the number of workshop delegates and the delegate availability.

The costs are determined based on the above criteria.

The Effective Communication Workshop was designed for groups: big or small. Some companies have 6 groups of 10 people per group, while others might have only 4 groups of 2 people per group. Some companies prefer doing 9 sessions of 2 hours per session over a period of a few weeks, while other companies’ delegates are only available for one full day. Some companies can only allow their delegates to attend for a few hours during a morning or afternoon. Nothing is impossible. I pride myself in accommodating each client, even if the logistics seem impossible to contend with.

The workshop is usually divided into the following segments:

  1. The 5 most used English Tenses
  2. Common Verbs and their 3 forms
  3. Handy Hints
  4. Troublesome words, phrases, expressions and some idioms
  5. Business / Official letters and e-mails
  6. Group Discussions
  7. Written Assignments
  8. Prepared short speeches / presentations
  9. Impromptu short speeches / presentations
  10. Workshop Summary and Concluding Exercise

Depending on your delegates, some of these segments might fall away completely, while other segments might take twice the allocated time to complete. I structure your company’s workshop in conjunction with the spokesperson/team leader of the group, after the assessment was done.